Saturday, April 05, 2003

I'm not the only one

Most of the people I talked with at work yesterday were awakened by the thunder last night and thought it was a bomb too.

Beautiful day - trying to get up the energy to sort through the paper stacks since the worm bin arrived weeks ahead of schedule and I want to bring it indoors. But I have low-grade cramps (and feel like catching up on my lost sleep). At least I'm better than last night when all I wanted to do was eat and sleep, or this morning when I had higher-grade cramps. I got my tax forms in the mail yesterday and didn't even pull them in to see if I got money back.

Am currently drawing a nice soaky bath and plan to relax with a book, then go thru the bills to pay while I'm steaming off (the tax form is worth a trip by itself, but I might as well consolidate). I might buy a bookshelf when I go over to the post office (store across the street) to organize my bedside.


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