Friday, April 04, 2003

Winter's Last Gasp

I was awakened at two this morning by something that sounded a lot like two jets flying very low over the house (I'm on flight paths for OAK and SFO but the planes have some altitude usually by the time they get here). I immediately thought there was something major wrong going on. I waited for the sound of a *boom* and it didn't come. Then the rain became very audible so I thought "either it's storm pattern at OAK or that was thunder". Fifteen minutes later (during heavy rain) there was a big thunder boom. Of course since it was the middle of the night and I'm already paranoid I thought "it could be a bomb".

It was also really cold - I slept under the fleece blanket and the cat spent all night under the covers with me, which is highly unusual since she is NOT an "undercover kitty". This worked to my advantage since I left the fish in the car accidentally. Figured it was the same temp as the fridge in there so I'm baking it up for my lunch.


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