Sunday, April 13, 2003

The sun breaks through

It was raining on my way into San Francisco but there were sunny breaks (Potrero Hill for one). When I got out, the sky was blue and the air had that amazing fresh-clean-SF-after-a-rain quality.

We got a full liturgy and choir this morning for Palm Sunday. Was realizing that one of the things I do miss about 11 am service is the choral breaks - time spent listening to that (and the sermon) is time I usually spend talking with God about what's on my mind. Today it meant that I was crying in the pew a lot.

Wonder how much of this is occasioned by my cleaning, which really is propelling me down memory lane? Lots of fun stuff but stuff that gives me pause. Yesterday's was finding some unwashed fat quarters and a set from the last time I visited my grandmother in Fresno - Nov 18 2000 was the date, confirming that I hadn't seen her in the two years prior to her death. Guilt pang. Lots of that going around today for various reasons. But I'm glad the sun is out and hope it stays. Must steel myself since I figured I needed to suck up and do some filing today and those memory lane things are in the pile.


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