Sunday, April 13, 2003

Weather report

Mood, like the weather, alternating sunny and soggy patches. Sunnier as the day progressed.

Talked to Ayse, talked to my mother, will try talking to Elaine and Alli before the day is out. Remarked to Ayse that I was not even interested in cooking ... and then finally made the soybean succotash I'd been planning to for a while, and cut up the rhubarb for the rhubarb compote. Not sure that I'll get to the spinach-potato soup (and tomorrow is going to be a big bear at work with the return of Slammer - not my systems but the finger pointing will no doubt be intense).

No filing but some productive shopping, and a big rose and sweetpea sniff at Berkeley Hort when I was getting more redworms to replace my little casualties. Sweetpeas remind me of my grandmother since I remember one of the last times I was at her house ... it was May (this may have been the Mother's Day I went to without my parents) and the sweetpeas were blooming by the garage. NEXT year, for sure!


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