Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Still recovering from my birthday

It was actually quite pleasant - people made me stuff, bought me stuff, and I was serenaded by M. and the singing Russian babes at J's party. I think I was even blushing when that happened.

Since I have a number of deadline projects, being out of the office for one day was tough. Good thing I'm taking off again TOMORROW to run errands for Ayse pre-wedding. Still haven't bought a gift so now is the time.

House is a bit chaotic since I seem to have misplaced the return form for my Mary Green returns and had to schlep thru the paper. Filing for sure some time in the next four days!!

The cat has her former speed back. I threw her in the back room since I had to open the back door to do laundry and she scooted right back out. She is as active around the house as before she got sick and has gone back to sleeping with me. The Wellness brand chow seems to be doing her some good.

More blogging as I catch up.

Monday, June 09, 2003

One less thing on the pre-trip list

Well, I don't have to worry about finishing picking up the house before I leave on my trip very early Friday morning, because the cleaners came today, NOT next Monday. Didn't shut Maya in the back bedroom but she was apparently okay with it (went and hid herself). Came home and the pile of laundry I hadn't folded and put away yet was ... folded on the chair. What' s up with that? Who would break into my house and FOLD MY LAUNDRY???

Then I kept thinking "the housecleaners couldn't have come because it's not Monday". But of course it is. When the pennies dropped I laughed at myself and my tiny brain most heartily. I'm glad that the sink was at least empty (and I ran the dishwasher). I will end up changing the sheets next Monday but that's okay since I have to do so for my camp roll. Which I might make up tomorrow morning if I wake up at a normal time.

Didn't get as much done as I'd hoped since I was shaking my head at my silly self. Although I made the traditional Big Mess in the kitchen post-cleaners (raspberry truffles - red juice and chocolate, oooh).

Will probably not have a chance to blog before the trip. This weekend will either be good or bad - not what one hopes for a birthday weekend but I can hang in there if it's the latter. Busy at work with a couple of deadline projects.

Sunday, June 08, 2003

Weekend update

I didn't spend much time on the computer yesterday since the cat has decided that my office chair is her sleeping spot for the time being. She has not been very energetic and it did concern me. I did, however, find out that her desire to eat dirt was normal in her situation and she has shown quite a lot of her usual vim on her trips outside. So I think she's just taking it easy.

Yesterday was a busy and productive day. I actually got back on the cleaning wagon in a more than dilletantish way. I went through some boxes in the office, organized the bathroom stuff, and tackled the Magazine and Catalog pile in the living room (two and a half grocery sacks full of). I also got the bag of books filled and over to the library (YAY).

I decided that I wanted to order another shelving unit for the back bedroom so that it's just the Wall of Stash (and I can get the stash up from the basement).

Besides FINISHING THE BEDROOM, I want to work in the office and "Liberate" the corner. I will have to nag F. about getting his old computers and monitors out of there. Getting the rest of the clothing donation donated and out the door will also help.

Then I can tackle the boxes in my closet. Heck if I know what's in most of them.

My Madame Hardy rose is blooming - it is so rare to have the single bloomers blooming in June, I have gotten into the local habit of thinking late april to mid may is the time for roses. I cut the blossom, and one from everything that was blooming. I got a bumblebee sting to the noggin for my trouble, which did curb my enthusiasm considerably. Fortunately no ill effects beyond a minor sting (and having to comb bee parts out of my hair). I even went back outside about ten minutes later for Maya's "airing" outdoors, although it was past 8 by that time. Luckily for me the only plans for the rest of the evening were "make dinner, read a book, and go to bed".

It felt good to get stuff done. This previous week has been just a Blah inactivity week. I have really been at loose ends.

Today is going to be pretty busy too - mostly cooking but I have some web orders to place and hope to go through either the cardboard in the entry (there's a lot accumulating for recycling) or the boxes I brought from my desk at Chiron, and wasn't that a trip down memory lane. As this whole cleaning process has been.

Sunday, June 01, 2003

Life gets back to somewhat normal

It's June! Oh my gosh! We are even having "summer" (not fogbelt summer) weather today. I am getting a lot of wear out of my new linen tank and shirt this week (and my habit of shaving my pits every time I shower whether I need to or not came in useful - it was foggy last Sunday when I showered, and it rained on me in SF).

Have not spent much time on the computer lately. One of the lights in the office is out, and it gets dark in there after 8. Since I made a couple of shopping runs (in search of shoe shelves and spice racks), I haven't been home early. Anyway, the cat has had first priority.

I am glad I don't have to pill her any more. She was getting fiesty! I had to wrap her in a blanket and totally immobilize her. Although I was very sneaky with the last two pills since I got the brilliant idea of keeping the pills on my bureau. Cat being stroked on lap, surprise, open jaw, plunk pill in. The element of surprise :-). I took her in on Friday morning since she had developed a swelling near her sutures and the vet had to hold her by the scruff of her neck. He said that the fact she was fighting so hard was an excellent sign ;-).

On Tuesday she started doing her little ear movements again. (I hadn't realized how much I missed that.) On Friday she actually came and greeted me when I got home. And the last two mornings she has jumped up in bed with me in the morning and snuggled. (Although she is not sleeping with me at the moment.) Now she wants to go OUT, which is a BAD THING. I am going to have to be sneaky about doing my laundry. She also seems to have a cold.

I was not organized enough to go to church this morning, although I wanted to - it's a beautiful day and last week was a lovely service and I even stayed for "The Forum". I did finally buy a fan (and assembled it - yay me) and also did an Emergency Cleanup on the back bedroom. My acquaintance Lenore is dying and people might come in for the funeral :-( :-(, so I will have houseguests much sooner than I expected. Happily the Intermetro shelving unit I ordered to store the fabric boxes on arrived, so I assembled it. Makes a big difference in that room. Ayse and Noel will come by and help me move some furniture out of that room. Once the extra furniture is gone it will still be Junky (since the Give-Away boxes are living there) but someone will be able to sleep in the bed and store a suitcase.

Otherwise, not much cleaning, but I am getting back in the swing of things.