Monday, June 09, 2003

One less thing on the pre-trip list

Well, I don't have to worry about finishing picking up the house before I leave on my trip very early Friday morning, because the cleaners came today, NOT next Monday. Didn't shut Maya in the back bedroom but she was apparently okay with it (went and hid herself). Came home and the pile of laundry I hadn't folded and put away yet was ... folded on the chair. What' s up with that? Who would break into my house and FOLD MY LAUNDRY???

Then I kept thinking "the housecleaners couldn't have come because it's not Monday". But of course it is. When the pennies dropped I laughed at myself and my tiny brain most heartily. I'm glad that the sink was at least empty (and I ran the dishwasher). I will end up changing the sheets next Monday but that's okay since I have to do so for my camp roll. Which I might make up tomorrow morning if I wake up at a normal time.

Didn't get as much done as I'd hoped since I was shaking my head at my silly self. Although I made the traditional Big Mess in the kitchen post-cleaners (raspberry truffles - red juice and chocolate, oooh).

Will probably not have a chance to blog before the trip. This weekend will either be good or bad - not what one hopes for a birthday weekend but I can hang in there if it's the latter. Busy at work with a couple of deadline projects.


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