Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Still recovering from my birthday

It was actually quite pleasant - people made me stuff, bought me stuff, and I was serenaded by M. and the singing Russian babes at J's party. I think I was even blushing when that happened.

Since I have a number of deadline projects, being out of the office for one day was tough. Good thing I'm taking off again TOMORROW to run errands for Ayse pre-wedding. Still haven't bought a gift so now is the time.

House is a bit chaotic since I seem to have misplaced the return form for my Mary Green returns and had to schlep thru the paper. Filing for sure some time in the next four days!!

The cat has her former speed back. I threw her in the back room since I had to open the back door to do laundry and she scooted right back out. She is as active around the house as before she got sick and has gone back to sleeping with me. The Wellness brand chow seems to be doing her some good.

More blogging as I catch up.


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