Sunday, June 08, 2003

Weekend update

I didn't spend much time on the computer yesterday since the cat has decided that my office chair is her sleeping spot for the time being. She has not been very energetic and it did concern me. I did, however, find out that her desire to eat dirt was normal in her situation and she has shown quite a lot of her usual vim on her trips outside. So I think she's just taking it easy.

Yesterday was a busy and productive day. I actually got back on the cleaning wagon in a more than dilletantish way. I went through some boxes in the office, organized the bathroom stuff, and tackled the Magazine and Catalog pile in the living room (two and a half grocery sacks full of). I also got the bag of books filled and over to the library (YAY).

I decided that I wanted to order another shelving unit for the back bedroom so that it's just the Wall of Stash (and I can get the stash up from the basement).

Besides FINISHING THE BEDROOM, I want to work in the office and "Liberate" the corner. I will have to nag F. about getting his old computers and monitors out of there. Getting the rest of the clothing donation donated and out the door will also help.

Then I can tackle the boxes in my closet. Heck if I know what's in most of them.

My Madame Hardy rose is blooming - it is so rare to have the single bloomers blooming in June, I have gotten into the local habit of thinking late april to mid may is the time for roses. I cut the blossom, and one from everything that was blooming. I got a bumblebee sting to the noggin for my trouble, which did curb my enthusiasm considerably. Fortunately no ill effects beyond a minor sting (and having to comb bee parts out of my hair). I even went back outside about ten minutes later for Maya's "airing" outdoors, although it was past 8 by that time. Luckily for me the only plans for the rest of the evening were "make dinner, read a book, and go to bed".

It felt good to get stuff done. This previous week has been just a Blah inactivity week. I have really been at loose ends.

Today is going to be pretty busy too - mostly cooking but I have some web orders to place and hope to go through either the cardboard in the entry (there's a lot accumulating for recycling) or the boxes I brought from my desk at Chiron, and wasn't that a trip down memory lane. As this whole cleaning process has been.


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