Monday, January 02, 2006

A Day of Rest

First, for LC - it's wet here, but the worst of the flooding is in Marin and Sonoma Counties, north and closer to the ocean from here. The bad thing is that I am heavily reminded of 1986, which was our last Huge Flood Year (also over New Year's weekend) during which levees failed in the Central Valley and put a lot of land under water. I also heard that Pasadena got rained on for Rose Parade the first time since 1955, which didn't help my mood any, because '55 was the year of the massive flood on the Feather that flooded my mom and her family out of their house at Christmas.

I had to go out twice today in the rain. The second time was to a surprisingly (given how few people were out and about the first time) crowded Trader Joe's. It was coming down in sheets, and I had to wait in line for the longest I've ever done at that store. I was cold and wet when I got home.

I turned up the heater and removed my jeans. My plans to trundle everything down to the basement for washing were defeated by Miss Maggie, who was sleeping most adorably on the pile. (Pic when I feel like uploading and editing it.) So I crawled under the covers with Exodus (catch up on the EFM reading!). After Pharaoh let them go, I curled up ... and an hour later woke up from a sound sleep relaxed and seeing bright sunshine in the west through the kitchen window. Maggie had been sleeping on the laundry the whole time, but woke up, yawned, and moved, which allowed me to throw the holey house-only jeans on and go downstairs. I felt relaxed.

Re yesterday, I realized that I was slightly disoriented by the Change of Celebration, as I am accustomed to singing Christmas songs on the Sunday after Christmas. But I completely loved the readings we had: short and sweet. I've been reading Bruce Feiler's Walking the Bible as a companion to my OT studies, and the "Aaronic blessing" is mentioned frequently.

"The LORD bless you and keep you
The LORD lift his countenance upon you and give you peace.
The LORD be gracious unto you."

It's one of the few bits of Bible I remember well from my teen days, mainly because I sang it in some choir or other at some point and music makes it stick in my brain. The above is, I believe, how we sang it. (Confession time ... I didn't know the Creed by memory until I got to Grace and started not only saying it, but singing it, weekly.) But it was really great to see it in the service. I love it when I can make these connections with what I've been studying.


Blogger LutheranChik said...

Oh, Exodus is a fun text. Great stories. There's the one about God getting into a snit and deciding to kill Moses, hence Zipporah' outpatient surgery; and then there's the part about God allowing Moses to see God's backside, presumably because that's all the glory that a mere mortal could endure and live to tell about it.

I really enjoyed this section in my own lay ministry program.

January 03, 2006 7:41 PM  

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