Friday, July 18, 2003


Re the last post, I tried recomposing it, but it got way too long. I think I'll do a series of catch-ups and split them between the blogs - more foodie ones on Love and Cooking and less foodie ones here.

Speaking of foodie-but-appropriate-here, an elderly gentleman who shouldn't have been driving hit the gas instead of the brakes and plowed into the Farmer's Market in Santa Monica on Wednesday night. Nine people are dead and many injured. I called my friend Kay down in LA and learned that she was not at the market. Since she is a regular, she knows a lot of the vendors and is concerned, of course.

Still have remnants of the cold I woke up with on July 5. Serious bummer to still have hairballs. Although I was able to sing "The Star-Spangled Banner", high notes and everything, on the morning of the All-Star game.

SPEAKING OF HAIRBALLS ... finally got around to sponsoring BeerMary in the Blogathon. I don't take things like "blogrolling" or "blogshares" very seriously but this is a good cause. Mary, a pet lover (two bunnies and an ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE St. Bernard), is blogging for The Denver Dumb Friends League. If there's anyone out there but me reading this thing, DDFL has been trying to get to the bottom of a horrific series of cat mutilations in the Denver area. CLB-Bob says check it out. And I'm glad my sweet Maya is mostly interested in being an indoor kitty post-crisis, even though I'm a thousand miles from Denver.

I hope Mary decides to get back to blogging after the blogathon. I enjoy her perspective on things (well, anything titled "Rant-O-Rama" is probably going to amuse me). At the moment she has been a bit rattled by some no-life asshole trolls (now I know where a lot of the yobbos who used to hang out on usenet are spending their time ... trying to cause trouble in blog/website comment land) and more or less shut her site down except for the blogathon. REAL bummer since she is mega-cool and very funny. (Mary, if you're reading, you should pop over to Heartless Bitches and see how they deal with toRRls.)

ANYWAY. This and that. I did start getting back on the decluttering wagon this weekend after a month's hiatus due to all the social activity. Went through my above-the-fridge cabinet and pitched out expired things (and placed some items in the Give-Away bin). I'm hoping to box some of the Give-Away items this weekend and see about (gasp) giving them away. Bless me Flylady for I have sinned. Yes, my sink is clean at the moment.

Also trying to install DSL and VPN on my computer. Should probably try to get a phone jack for the house phone in the office. Will be able to give up the modem line. Since I have had people who have played phunny phone games with me, the unlisted line has been a peace-of-mind thing, but I think I can deal. Especially since I won't have to pay for it any more.

The DSL account comes with another internet account, with 80 MB of storage space. I'm thinking about moving my archives over there. I'm also shopping for vanity domain names, since I figure if I might move my now seriously outdated website around, it's useful to do so as a personal domain. I can get MS Office quite legally for about $70 a copy through work, so I might just redo the site on the fly with FrontPage. Pictures and everything :-).


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