Saturday, July 12, 2003

Well, foo

I had composed a long post about What I've Been Doing Lately, published it, and it vanished into the ether. Unfortunately for me I zapped the original as well.

Won't do that again. That is highly annoying.

Will reassemble it and post it to both blogs.

In the meantime, a minor item: At the family reunion/anniversary party two weeks ago, my uncle gave my late grandmother's jewelry boxes to my mother. She showed them to me and I picked two watches out, one a plain black one and a fancy (but delicate) gold one. I was so pleased with these watches that I wore them both with MINE as jewelry - they're all about the same scale so it works. I finally made it to the watch repair counter at The Longs of Mystery and Wonder on Tuesday evening and was somewhat embarrassed to learn that they were both WIND-UP, not BATTERY-POWERED watches. The black watch started working when wound, and I left the dress watch for repair (it's worth $75 to me).

On Wednesday morning MY watch's battery died. Rather than having to haul myself back there to get it replaced, because I am one of these people who goes bugs if I don't have a working watch, I decided to start wearing my grandmother's watch (and get the battery replaced in the other one, just not IMMEDIATELY).

As I was going about my business, it struck me - this watch was my grandmother's every day watch, and I remembered that I had seen it on her wrist any number of times. It's like I could feel her there with me in a way. I just didn't get that sense when I was wearing the watch with the others in a party situation. But doing my everyday things, it struck me more and more. It looks nice. I'm happy with it. I think she'd be happy too.

It will be nice when I have all three working, then I can wear them as a fancy timekeeping bracelet set. One of my cousins suggested that I set them to different time zones which isn't a half bad idea.

I have things of my other grandmother's, I just don't wear them every day. Speaking of tangible objects, I'm still praying that I find the coin necklace my grandfather gave me in the housecleaning. Unless one of the cleaners stole it (and they are highly reliable people), it's in here somewhere.


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