Saturday, July 26, 2003

Good News, Bad News Department

Pretty much zero energy this week. Finally made a GYN appointment (new doc to me, referred to by G.) after the hoo hah last weekend, also abetted by my zero energy.

Good news: The cause of the Month Long Period has been determined and the doc has given me some progesterone (sp) pills that seem to be taking effect. Took one at 7 pm last night and the bleeding, while not ceased, is considerably subsiding.

Bad news: It's fibroids. I go in for an ultrasound on Monday (surprised that Alta Bates could accomodate me so early) to see the extent. Must remember to make appointment with doc to discuss results.

In the surprise, I forgot to ask for a blood test to see if I'm anemic (which given my symptoms I almost certainly am). I *DID* remember to swing by the vitamin aisle at the grocery and get some iron pills, though (plus B vitamins - I thought that my regular vitamins had full RDA of B. Not so). The good news is that a few minutes of web research showed that my chances of not having to do the surgery route (and if so, the chances I can avoid having my uterus pulled - it's not that I want to have children, but I don't want to deal with the HRT question) are definitely fair. Plus there's the Cool Berkeley Doctor thing. So I'm very concerned, but not flipped out.

More good news: my emergency system work on Sunday got cancelled since someone lost the paperwork, so I can attempt to sleep in, or decide if I want to risk church during an oncall weekend. Might stay home and rest and see if good food, relaxation, and them thar iron pills have an effect. Bad news is that I might have to do it some other sunday :-(.


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