Sunday, July 27, 2003

Recovering slowly

The meds are starting to take effect, although I was flipped out last night that bleeding had returned and heavily (I seem to be on a 12 hr cycle). The iron supplements are DEFINITELY taking effect. Which was good because I got another Past 9 PM Saturday Night Gotta Do It on call call. (I am not usually on call 2 weekends in a row but I swapped this one for getting my birthday off.) Got back home, because my dialin connection is screwed up, at about 1 am. But the fact that I was able to stay up that late (even as tired and cranky as I was) was definitely progress. (It turned out to not be my issue. I hope this will atone for last weekend.)

The cat headbutted me at 3 am again. I put her in the back room and conked out till 9 am. Glad I didn't have the other work, and church was out of the question. Still fairly low energy but starting to feel more human. Will try to sort through my papers tonight, and make something for my lunches. Actually braved the Berkeley Bowl this morning , and not right at opening, too. It wasn't that bad, although I don't want to make a habit of it. Wanted raspberries for muffins (which I made).

Have been doodling around some on Usenet (sitting at my keyboard doesn't require a lot of my energy). Will call Elaine and give her the news, and call/email Alli or Mike. Already talked to Ayse, which was helpful. The relaxation techniques I have learned will come in handy because I have noticed this thing really does go haywire when I am under Big Stress.


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